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BREAKPOINT command in X++

Hi! I want to share  is a rather undocumented X++ statement: BREAKPOINT

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Clear SQL Cache

When you do performance tests in Dynamics AX, you often want to clear the SQL cache so you can be sure that all data must be re-read from the disks.
If you want to clear the SQL cache, execute these 3 lines in a query window:

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Open web pages from X++ code

If you want to open the Internet Explorer with a certain web page directly from X++ code, you can use the following statement:


Thus, your browser will open and display the URL.

Metodla birden fazla değer geri döndürme (otomatik container)

Köşeli parantez kullanarak container tipi verilerini otomatik oluşturmak mümkün olmakta.
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