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Importing from an XML file

The exporting to an XML file recipe has already explained the importance of XML in Dynamics
AX, and how XML documents could be used for exporting data from the system.
In this recipe, we will continue about XML. We will create a piece of code that reads XML files.
As a source file, we will use the previously created accounts.xml file.

How to do it…

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Exporting to an XML file

Briefly, Extensible Markup Language (XML) defines a set of rules for encoding documents
electronically. It allows creating of all kind of structured documents. In Dynamics AX, XML
files are widely used across the application. For example, user profiles can be exported as
XML files. Business data like financial statements can also be exported as XBRL (eXtensible
Business Reporting Language) files, which are based on XML.

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Axapta’da XML Okuma ve Yazma

XML okuma ve yazma için alttaki örnekler kullanılabilir.

önce yazma kodu çalıştırılırsa okumak için gerekli xml ilgili klasörde oluşacaktır.

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