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Excel şablonu açıp farklı kaydetmek


   Axaptada bir excel template açıp içini doldurup farklı kaydetmek aşşağıdaki kodla mümkün.

     SysExcelApplication sysExcelApplication;
     SysExcelWorkbooks   sysExcelWorkbooks;
     SysExcelWorkbook    sysExcelWorkbook;
     SysExcelWorksheets  sysExcelWorksheets;
     SysExcelWorksheet   sheet_org;
     SysExcelWorksheet   sheet_new;
     SysExcelCells       cells;
     SysExcelCell_XP     cell;

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Reading Excel files

Reading Excel files is another side of Excel file manipulation. It is equally important as file
creation. Usage could vary from importing simple data to processing user-filled files like
timesheets, purchase orders, etc.
In this recipe, we will use the file created in the previous recipe. We will read customer data
using SysExcel classes and will show it on the screen.
How to do it…

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Creating Excel files

Microsoft Office Excel format is one of the formats that have been supported by Dynamics AX
since its early versions. For example, the Document handling feature allows producing Excel
files using the data from the system. In the new version of Dynamics AX, i.e. Dynamics AX
2009, this feature is extended even more. Now almost every form has a button called Export
to Excel, which quickly allows loading form data into Excel for further analysis using powerful
Excel tools.
Microsoft Office Excel format handling is done with the help of standard Dynamics AX
application classes prefixed with SysExcel. Basically, those classes are Excel COM wrappers
plus they contain additional helper methods to ease the developer’s tasks.
To demonstrate the principle in this recipe, we will create a new Excel file and fill it with a
customer list. This technique could be used to export any business data in a similar way.
How to do it…

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