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How to Clear Batch Job History?

In this article, I will explain how you can periodically delete the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations batch job history. I’ll use a standard clear batch job for this.

Run the class using Modules> System Administration> Periodic tasks> Batch job history clean-up (custom).


With the History Limit field, you will delete records older than 30 days. Here you can enter any day you want. You will determine the properties of the records you want to delete with the Filter option.


I filtered the records in Ended status which are in the USMF company.


Let’s set the recurrence now.


I set it up to run once a week on Sunday.


When I click OK, a message appears saying that it was added to the batch queue.


Let’s go to the batch jobs and check it.


The batch job is there when I search for it. I could make it so that it worked without being connected to the batch job. I could choose different recurrence. These need to decided depending on your data.


In this article I have explained how to clear batch job history. There are many similar clean-up classes in the application, which I will talk about in due course. These must be established and tracked in order for the system to be healthy. Especially in cases where there are a large number of batches, these tables can fill up very easily and it is necessary to track them and determine the correct period.


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