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CompanyImage Tablosundan resmi fiziksel bir ortama aktarma

//Write EmplImage to File Path

public static void  writeCompanyImageToFilePath(EmplId _emplId, str _filePath)



    CompanyImage companyImage;

    EmplTable emplTable;

    Image myImg ;

    FileIOPermission permission;


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Dynamics AX 2009 Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewing/Navigation options 

Accelerator Keys Task Description
Alt+F1 Show Navigation Pane (if it is not in auto-hide mode)This shortcut works from both MDI & SDI windows, so it is a good shortcut to get back to the main workspace.
Shift+Alt+F1 Enable/Disable auto-hide for the Navigation Pane
Ctrl+Shift+D Toggles the Content Pane between Developer and Content modes.  Developer mode makes the content frame (where Area pages & List pages are viewed) restorable/minimizable so it is easier to work with developer windows.
Ctrl+F1 Open global search pane
Alt+F5 Toggle the docking status of a docking window
Alt+F6 Move to the next docked window
Alt+Shift+F6 Move to the previous docked window
Ctrl+F6 Move to the next MDI window
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Move to the previous MDI window
Ctrl+Shift+V Open “Version control parameters” form
Ctrl+W Open a new workspace
F11 Focus the Address Bar in edit mode (works from anywhere)
Alt+Left Arrow Shortcut for the Back button on the Address bar
Alt+Right Arrow Shortcut for the Forward button on the Address bar
From AreaPage, ListPage or developer (MDI) window  
Alt+M Show the Microsoft Dynamics AX Command Bar
Alt+W Show Windows menuHint: do this then press “a” to close all windows.
Alt+V Show View menu
Alt+H Show Help menu
Alt Show KeytipsPress the corresponding key to navigate directly to ActionPaneTab/Group/Button

There may be one or more ActionPaneTabs/Groups/Buttons with the same letter for a Keytip.  To execute a duplicate Keytip, keep pressing the letter until focus is on the one you want and then hit Enter.

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